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A young boy is lost in the mall ... and the clock is ticking.

Someone is trying to kidnap children from the local mall. So when ten year old Mark Albright wanders away from his older brother at the mall and disappears, many expect the worst. Who was the old, bearded man in the grubby clothes who was last seen talking with Mark? It soon becomes clear that it is up to Jason Albright, CEO of Bright Idea (computer and networking systems powerhouse), to save his son's life.

Just when all hope seems to be lost, Jason encounters a strange man with a powerful story to tell, a story that provides the key that he needs to save his son. But is there still time? Is he willing to pay the price? Can Jason move through the pain of his past, reclaim the fiery faith of his youth, and learn to rely on a power far greater than his own ... the power of the love of the father to save his son?

“Love of the Father” is a captivating story of enduring faith, unwavering hope, and the special bond of love that can exist between a father and son.


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Mark is having to struggle through a very hard time and is concerned he may lose someone very dear to him. He is also faced with the fact that he may have to let the one girl he has fallen in love with go for the love of the Father. Can Mark stay close to the Father through this or will he venture away?

Jason, Sr. is once again faced with the fact that someone close to him is very ill. Will he stay close to the God that got him through the last test or will he again lose faith?

Maria is a small and loving mother. What is wrong with her and why can't they find out? Will prayer and love of her family help get her through this?

"Love of the Son for the Father" shows that although Mark's mom is facing a heart-breaking battle against a seemingly unbeatable opponent, his love for God and their love for one another will see them through these challenges. It is a story of love and faith, for the family and the Heavenly Father.


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